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  • Tips and Tricks for Cam Girls Who are Just Getting Started

  • How successful do you want to be as a cam girl? If you just want to get some extra spending money, you won’t necessarily need to fine-tune your techniques to reach your goal. If you want to actually build a career as a cam girl, though, you’ll have to take yourself seriously before other people take you seriously. In other words, if you want to be seen as a professional, you’ll have to act like a professional. The question is, how can you do that if you’re just starting out as a webcam model? Successful cam girls, like the ones featured on Ready Set Cam, often have a bit of experience under their G-strings – and it shows. In order to give them a run for their money you’ll likely need some experience as well, but the tips below can act as a short-cut in the meantime.
  • Make eye contact

  • You probably already know that you can’t just look at your own on-screen image while putting on a cam show, but for a more seamless performance, you’ll have to fine-tune your strategy. Even if you spend most of the show looking at the webcam, you may still appear to be distracted if you glance at other parts of the screen too often. Why would you be doing this? In most cases, to monitor the text chats. Viewers often make requests or send donations via the chats, so it’s important to keep tabs on them. So how can you keep your eyes focused on the webcam, while also monitoring incoming chats? By moving the webcam next to the chat window, of course! It’s a simple solution, and your viewers won’t even notice the difference.
  • Give yourself breaks

  • Some beginner cam girls make the mistake of trying to power through multiple performances without sufficient time in between to unwind. Sure, they might pause for a few minutes to reset the background and have a snack, but that isn’t enough if they’re doing frequent cam shows. Webcam performances can be both physically and mentally draining, so when you take breaks, you should pay attention to both your physical and mental needs. Give yourself a relaxing massage, listen to some of your favorite music, or anything else that will get you refreshed and motivated for the next show. Remember, burnout is just as much of a risk for cam girls as it is for any other profession; to avoid it, you have to prioritize yourself just as much as your viewers!
  • Play it cool

  • Another beginner mistake is to act just a little too appreciative of any and all viewers. It’s certainly exciting when you see more and more people joining a show, and it’s tempting to express your gratefulness for giving you a shot among all the other webcam models. However, you have to remember that they aren’t necessarily doing you a favor – you’re doing them a favor. It’s appropriate to thank your audience for sticking around, but if they think that you feel indebted to them, they’ll probably start asking for freebies because they think you’ll be a pushover.
  • Promote yourself

  • You know how they say that the three keys to high value in real estate are “location, location, location”? For a cam girl who’s building her viewer base, the three keys to success are “promotion, promotion, promotion”. You can follow all the expert tips you want, but if you haven’t been able to get your name out there, you won’t have anyone showing up to appreciate your dedication and talent. Social media platforms are an excellent way to self-promote, since they’re free, and since plenty of people will be interested in what you’re offering. Just make sure you aren’t giving the goods up for free. Not only is posting nudes usually a violation of those platforms’ TOS, but they should also be saved for when you can actually make some money from selling them.
  • Pace yourself

  • This is an important way of showing that you know what you’re doing. For instance, if a public show doesn’t take off as hoped, you might be tempted to simply brush over the rest of the performance and get it over with. However, this makes your viewers feel like your heart isn’t really in it, and that you’ll only make an effort if you’re getting a lot of attention. This isn’t a great look, and could hurt your chances at building a solid viewer base. Private shows can have the opposite problem. Since a per-minute rate is guaranteed, some cam girls try to prolong the shows to bolster their earnings. This may work in the short-term, but viewers who could have been long-term supporters won’t want to keep spending money on a cam girl who always tries to rip them off. It may help to ask the viewer about their preferences for the show’s length, just to make sure everyone’s on the same page.
  • Maintain boundaries

  • Some viewers will behave themselves, and others won’t – and when you end up with a cowboy or two in the audience, you need to show them that their behavior won’t be tolerated. Whether they’re pressuring you to do something that makes you uncomfortable, or they’re simply being disrespectful, don’t feel bad about banning them from the show. Being a cam girl means that you have a lot of control over your working conditions, and this is one example of how you can take charge.
  • Invest in good equipment

  • Some cam girls spend thousands of dollars on a high-end setup, but you don’t really need that for a crisp image, clear audio, and well-lit surroundings. HD webcams are available at every price point, and many of them include good-quality mics as well. Lighting can be rigged up with some cleverly placed lamps, or even with natural light.
  • The takeaway

  • Becoming a cam girl doesn’t take that much technical expertise, but becoming a successful cam girl will require hard work, your own natural talent, and of course a few expert tips.

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